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3 May

If you have been following  my blog site you will have noticed a slight trend in the topic, of course its public relations. with this in mind this will be the last in the ‘PR series’. As my degree is Advertising and PR, I am going to give the world of advertising a whirl within the next couple of weeks so I hope you all continue to enjoy my posts.

As this is to be the last ‘PR’ blog as such my aim for this post is to draw a conclusion on my other blogs. Tying in my previous posts I want to try to understand where I would fit into the PR world, In-house, Agency or Freelance?..

With my previous posts having addressed the different areas of PR I have been lead to the question, “Where will I fit?”; with graduation near enough around the corner I am beginning to feel rather worried by the idea of working in a job I don’t enjoy as a temporary means; hopefully being able to acknowledge early what draws me in to the PR industry I may just be able to find a perfect job when it comes to graduating.  ‘Managing Public Relations’ my second year course module did include a variety of guest lecturers who came in to give us a practical insight into the different areas of PR, lets take a look to see if these helped in my decision process.

In- House, Agency or Freelancer?

Lava PR a Lincolnshire PR agency gladly spared an hour of their time to introduce my group to the agency world. During 2010 Lava PR were awarded with the ‘Outstanding small consultancy’ award by the CIPR (Charterd Institute of Public Relations) at the CIPR PRide Awards. The award reflects how much the speakers value their work and their clients. Ed Willmott and Steph Tod delivered the presentation and they seemed ecstatic when speaking about their jobs.


Steph Tod- Senior Account Executive

Ed Willmott- Account Executive

 Lava PR have had a variety of clients from all kinds of sectors, however they seemed equally enthusiastic about them all. Steph and Ed both informed us of their job roles which were very broad, I quote from Ed “No day is the same”. The idea of working on new and ever-changing projects is what I think really stole my heart towards an agency career, I love the idea of going into work not knowing what is around the corner; fair enough any job can be like this and especially in PR. However I love the idea of winning clients working with new people constantly, and working hard and watching it pay off.  To have a look at who the devil I am talking about, take a look at this

With a guest lecture from a In-house professional looming near I couldn’t help but feel like Ed and Steph had already won me over.

The guest lecture was delivered by a member of the PR team from the In-house PR department at University. I did go into the lecture relatively open-minded however ‘PR in organisational Communciations’ another module from my second year introduced the In-house PR of organisations and I did find this module quite tedious in places and to be honest it did push me away from wanting to pursue a career within this PR sector.

 The guest lecture however did change my perception, In-house PR seemed to me to be a more relaxed environment where everyone is aware of their roles within the organisation. It was apparent that working within teams was still obviously crucial however I was left unconvinced due to the fact that this sector wouldn’t have much scope when it comes to working with new and differing clients which in turn bring a variety of PR tasks.  With the much debatable question in the back of my mind, “Is PR part of Marketing or is Marketing part of PR” only signifying the many debates and issues within an in-house environment. It still remains that in some organisations a PR professional is not made part of the board, when a marketing professional is; as I said very debatable and the’ fighting for your place scearniro’ really puts me off this sector.

Although there is a chance to work as a freelancer within the PR industry this is the least appealing sector for me, the ‘team work’ element of PR is what really pulls me in and the idea of working alone really doesnt appeal to me. Although the pay could generally be better and the work would seem more rewarding I enjoy helping others and working as a team to shared goals too much.  

I think the idea of working in PR generally is amazing and defiantly where I want to be, however I really hope I am one of the lucky few to work within an agency as I love the excitement Ed and Steph both radiated.

Conculsion of Blogs

Over the last few weeks I have realised that PR is somewhere I really see myself; I love working with others but at the same time I love having the balance of working alone.

My eyes have been opened to those PR people who tend to ‘play’ on their reputation such as, Max Clifford and of course those who abuse their position such as Andy Coulson. I have realised in order to work well as team you must take the time to realise how you work best alone. The practical experience gained from writing these blogs, working within teams at University and working generally is second to none and it has pushed to aspire to be more than a student.

I hope you have enjoyed my series of PR blogs, see you again soon



2 Responses to “The PR Pinnacle”

  1. Angela May 4, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs; you have got across PR appropriately to your readers.

    I like your writing style as it gets across some personality within your writing while still managing to sound academic. I look forward to the advertising series, well done!


    • michomoom May 4, 2011 at 9:59 am #

      Hi Angela,

      Aww thank you very much. It has to be said I was a little worried I had been too informal but I am glad you have enjoyed reading what I have had to say.

      I hope you enjoy the ones to come.


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