The Fundamentals of PR

21 Apr

Good Evening readers and welcome to my third blog!

The topic for discussion on tonight’s agenda is “Teamwork and Working it alone”.

Read up on PR and you are repeatedly faced with the question; “Is PR for you?”, the continual ‘must have attributes’ often include,

  • plan, organise and co-ordinate tasks
  • monitor and follow-up
  • set goals and objectives
  • motivate and influence others
    communicate effectively with individuals and groups in meetings and through presentations
  • work effectively with journalists
  • identify major social issues affecting organisations and to resolve conflict
    work with others
(Chartered Institute of Public Relations-

It doesn’t take Sir Albert Einstein to acknowledge that teamwork and PR come hand in hand. Being able to communicate well with colleagues, clients and Journalists is a crucial part of a PR professionals role, and this is perfectly understandable. How can we expect a selfish individual to successfully partake in vital two-way symmetric and asymmetric communication? (Grunig and Hunt;1984, Tench and Yeomans, Second Edit)
However what I believe to be a fundamental attribute to a PR professional is understanding and acknowledging how you work best alone in order to communicate, organise and work well as part of a team and learn to treat people as you wish to be treated yourself!

Understanding Yourself

I am nearing the end of my second year at University and it has to be said that I have been on what can only be described as ‘the ultimate learning curve’. GCSE’s, as far as I can remember taught me to ‘Get work done’, Likewise A levels taught me to ‘take pride in my work’; unlike the above University has so far taught me, ‘time management is key, learn to work with completely different people, organisation is crucial, and most importantly grow the heck up and stop being spoon feed!’ .
Assignments and seminars I feel are a great way to consider how best we work as some involve group work and others involve individual participation. Understanding how I best work hasn’t been a doddle due to stress, ‘free riding’ group members and deadlines. My grades are well-balanced throughout all types of work and therefore justify my thoughts that I am a well-rounded person who enjoys pursuing my own work whilst throughly enjoying contributing to a team.

The influences of my job 

‘Advertising Executive’ is how I am recognised within my job. I work as part of a small team within a big organization. I have my own financial targets to meet and I am the only person within the team working in this role, therefore surely I work alone?  This however could not be more far from the truth, in actual fact I don’t, I have my direct team and I have team mates within the larger ‘company team’ and we constantly help each other day-to-day.
Although I work within these teams I still find it important to understand what motivates me day-to-day and I need to demonstrate key organisational skills within my role.

‘Going it alone’

I will later publish a blog directed to the influences of teams within work, the advantages and disadvantages of teams and make reference to a recent ‘group scenario’ whilst introducing a ‘Team Role Theory’ known as the ‘Belbin Test’. For the time being however I want to educate you in my work style and skills.
Dr.Meredith Belbin’s ‘personality test’ has allowed me to identify myself in terms of work style. By undertaking several questions I have been identified as a Co-ordinator, characteristics of which include:
  • Calm
  • Self Confident
  • Controlled
Co-ordinators “have an ability to cause others to work to shared goals . Mature, trusting and confident, they delegate readily. In interpersonal relations they are quick to spot individual talents and to use them to pursue group objectives. While Co-ordinators are not necessarily the cleverest members of a team, they have a broad and worldly outlook and generally command respect. Co-ordinators are useful people to have in charge of a team with diverse skills and personal characteristics.”
I hope you enjoyed reading my third blog. If you would like to have a laugh whilst understanding my second blog take a look at this!


PR, What on earth?

19 Apr

Hello again everyone, and welcome back!

Today, I am going to address and hopefully help my lovely readers understand what the devil PR is and why I seem to love it so much.

Like most I tend to throw myself into new and exciting situations in my life and go in head first with the best intentions at the forefront of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I try to remain interested throughout but they tend to bore me after a while. I have had many hobbies since my childhood and non of them have ever really kept me tuned in. Just like my ‘hobbies’ I dived in head first to my BA Hons Advertising and PR degree; a whim is probably how you would define my choice. Since my first week in sixth form I knew advertising was for me, however I needed to accompany it with something…

 I recently tweeted that “2 years of studying Advertising and PR, means I now constantly see through the eyes of a PR practitioner and subconsciously analyse adverts“(@michomoomin) this is just a snippet of how much my course, or likewise my love for Advertising and PR has influenced my day-to-day life. I no longer find myself purchasing subscriptions to Vogue, but instead PRWeek and I couldn’t be happier. I suppose to a ‘non PR geek’ I seem like a bit of a loser because my life has become inundated with PR but for me a 9-5 job just wouldn’t survice. It is the long hours, and fast paced work which really draws me in to this profession.

PR? What the devil is it?

Let’s be honest most people I speak to have no idea what ‘PR’ is or they immediately associate it with ‘Max Clifford’, which is easily debatable. Does the general public really understand the need for PR? Celebrities, organisations, and people are constantly influenced by PR decisions but who is aware?


Shrien Dewani was a leading suspect in the high-profile court case surrounding the murder of his newlywed wife on their honeymoon. Dewani pulled on the ‘powers’ of Max Clifford to influence the media’s response to the trial. This was PR and it just proves that it has the ability to constantly influence what we think and what we are told by the media.

A Suitable Definition

Over the last two years I have forced myself to constantly consider a suitable definition of PR, in my eyes definitions should be short, precise and quick to read.  Grunig, White, Mazur and Moloney (Tench and Yeomans, Second edit, p.5) hit the nail on the head and argued that there is no one universally agreed definition of PR however this one has to be my favourite:

“The management of communication between an organisation and its publics”  (Grunig 1984, Tench and Yeomans, 2nd edit)

For those who do not ‘see through a practitioner’s eye’ here is a news story surrounding a PR geek which makes for an interesting read,

Did you like Grunig’s PR definition? Do you agree or disagree with anything? Do you have anything to add? Please feel free to comment away.

I will be back very soon for some more rambling’s until then;



Well hello there!!

15 Mar

Hello everyone and welcome,

Firstly let me thank you for taking a few minutes out of your precious time to read my new blog (which I promise will become amazing). Secondly let me try and introduce what my blog will discuss, I say try as I am not entirely sure what I want to discuss. My initial idea was ‘reviews’ of anything basically, I love films, tv, and I generally love to talk so it should work out quite well.

Believe it or not I am actually quite nervous about posting this as im afraid it might sound silly and I do kind of feel as though I am talking to my self; free thearpy session though I suppose.The main reason for my blog is that  I basically have no choice in the matter, I need to get used to this ‘bigging myself up’- I study PR and according to one of my tutors, without mentioning names. PR people love to talk about themselves, so here I go 🙂


My first discussion/ rant/ rave will be about the recent defistating news about the earthquake in Japan. There is no way I could have discussed anything else when this devastation is ongoing.  I have been quite

The devastation

keen to follow the news on the matter but to be honest I am getting quite confussed to what is actually happening out there. When the defistation struck there was so much coverage on Tsnamis however the news today talks about radiation?? If someone could illaborate that would be great!

Although im not 100% clear on the Japan defisation it is still undoubtly horredous and worrying. I find it so insane that day to day society worries about the slightest of problems, we manage to let small things take over our lives. We are controlled by money, and trust me there is no one in the world that understands this better than myself (Im a student, who thinks I have the funds of Richard Branson). I find it sad that it takes defisations such as this in Japan to make us suddenly become conceous to how uncontrollable we are and that everything could be gone within minutes.

I am a very ambitious person who wants to continue to strive to achieve my ideal career but it honestly scares me to think that I could put every inch of hard work in to get to where I am comfortable and then I could walk outside and get run over. I have always said, “Because I am putting all this hard work in for university when I come to graduate I will die just after or in Lincoln Cathedral during”. It just really brings everything down to earth for me, how does everyone else feel about it?

Thank you for reading to the end, and I am actually at suprised to how easy and enjoyable that was.

Please come back soon,

Thank you

Lots of love Micho

Hello world!

15 Mar

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